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Small Business Grants

The Truth About Small Business Grants

Thinking about getting a government grant as a way to help finance your small business? You aren’t alone. If you watch any T.V. (especially late night T.V.) or do much reading on the Internet sooner or later you will stumble on a tantalizing possibility for the small business owner:  government grants. The holy grail of business financing (of any financing, really) a chunk of money that you never have to pay back. What could be better?


Let me start by saying: DO NOT PAY ANYONE FOR GOVERNMENT GRANT INFORMATION - NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER, NEVER! (If you need more reinforcement, copy the NEVER, EVER part and paste it again and again in your favorite text program until it fills the screen. If you still think it might be a good idea to pay for some “inside secrets” then ring your call button and Tommy will come hit you on the head with a tack hammer — 10 bonus points for the movie title.)

ALL government grant information is free to the public. You cannot get anymore information from the private sector. The “secret” is to fully and completely comply with all of the requirements for the grant application.  It is harder than it sounds. Anyone selling you a package or subscription or whatever is doing nothing more than repackaging the free information I will show you how to get in this article. Read the rest of JDs Blog here...

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